Preity Zinta Photos PBKS in IPL 2023 – Most Funny Moments

By | May 11, 2022

Preity Zinta Photos in IPL 2023 – Most Funny Moments: Preity Zinta, is one of the most famous Indian actresses of all time who has given classics like Veer Zaara, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Koi Mil Gaya, and many more. Every IPL fan knows that Preity Zinta owns an IPL franchise and it continues in 2023 as well. Many fans even consider Preity Zinta as the lucky charm or at least the eye candy in the whole match. She brings in the charm in the match like no one else and her dedication to the team is also great. Nobody can forget how upset Preity Zinta was when once, her team lost to the Kolkata Knight Riders in the final match. Their face reflected her passion and dedication to supporting the team. In the IPL 2023 also, Preity Zinta photos are trending on social media. It feels like she is never going to get old and always charm the stadium with her evergreen beauty. These are the 2023 Preity Zinta photos that are trending worldwide:

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Preity Zinta Photos PBKS in IPL 2023

Preity Zinta IPL Team

Preity Zinta owns an IPL team called Kings XI Punjab who have reached the finals only once in their entire career. Unfortunately, they have not won the trophy even once but nobody knows, this season might just be the lucky season for Kings XI Punjab. After all, after the first match against Delhi Daredevils, they are looking fabulous with their lineup. It was a dominating start for them and we can say it is a full-fledged team. However, predicting if they will win the tournament after just watching one match is insane but what’s wrong with hoping for the best. As always, Preity Zinta was there with the stadium cheering for her boys and bringing the charm alive in the Mohali Stadium. Preity Zinta photos from that match itself are making a lot of news. Just imagine what this whole IPL tournament will bring.

The captain of this team is the very famous Indian spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin. The most successful season for this team was in 2014 when they ended as runner-ups. The whole season was great for them but they failed in the last match which restricted them from being the champions of the IPL. Things might just change this time after looking at the very first performance.

Preity Zinta IPL Wallpapers

Preity Zinta has been supporting KXIP for years now which has made many Preity Zinta photos worthy of being called Preity Zinta IPL wallpapers. The team was founded in 2008 and ever since then, Preity Zinta missed very few of its matches. If one match in the IPL 2023 can make Preity Zinta photos go viral, just imagine how many Preity Zinta photos people can have in total. She is also considered the lucky charm which I appreciate.

Preity Zinta IPL Dance

Preity Zinta is very dedicated to the team Kings XI Punjab. Every time there is a moment of joy for the team on the ground, a joy on the face of Preity Zinta is also witnessed. There are many moments when Preity Zinta just danced out of joy sitting in the gallery. Preity Zinta’s photos of her IPL dance are also available: