How to Watch IPL live in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

By | April 14, 2018

How to watch IPL live in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?? The Indian Premier League 2018 is a cricket extravaganza. It is true that cricket is not as famous in US and Canada as it is in India but still there are many viewers who would want to watch the matches. After all, it is the biggest T20 tournament which gathers many players from different nations in a team. A total of 8 full-fledged teams battle against each other to be in the top 4 by the end of the group stage matches. After the group stage matches comes to the playoffs. The format of the playoffs is also interesting in IPL and something which entices me always.

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The popularity and the excitement of every season of the Indian Premier League make it available in many different countries and on many different streaming services. IPL 2018 live in the USA and IPL 2018 live in Canada are also available and NRIs, as well as any other IPL fans, are actually utilizing the streaming services fully. More details about IPL 2018 live in the USA and IPL 2018 live in Canada is given in the article below. So, keep reading.

How to watch IPL 2018 live in USA and Canada?

Indian Premier League 2018 is the 11th edition of such a great Cricket tournament. This is considered as a money spinner not only in India but in more countries as well. It is also absolutely that every single IPL brings to you amazing matches. Take in consideration the IPL 2018 matches, the tournament didn’t even have a total of 15 matches already yet the quality of the matches already played are commendable. If the early matches are so good, just wonder what the whole tournament will deliver. Such is the essence of every single IPL season and it is also something that people from nowhere in the world should miss. This is the reason why IPL 2018 live in the USA and IPL 2018 live in Canada are made available. Everybody knows that missing the IPL means missing a lot of quality cricket, something that nobody should afford. At least not die-hard cricket fans living in other countries.

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Since the IPL 2018 contains great Cricket players from Australia, South Africa, England, West Indies and many more, these countries are getting a good availability of streaming services as well as TV broadcasters. These countries and actually getting the option of watching the Indian Premier League which are advertised, as well. Basically, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to these countries. But if we consider USA and Canada, there are very fewer options.

How To Listen to IPL Commentary USA?

IPL 2018 Radio live commentary has also with the different partners. In UK  TalkSport will do and in UAE 89.1 Radio 4 FM, Gold 101.3 FM, These Radio Partners will do the live commentary.

Sr. No. Country Radio Partners
01. Global (Ex Indian Sub Continent) Cricket Radio
02. UAE 89.1 Radio 4 FM, Gold 101.3 FM
03. UK Talksport

Watch IPL 2018 live in USA and Canada

IPL 2018 live in the USA and IPL 2018 live in Canada is available on Hotstar itself. It is true that Hotstar has spanned its business in US and Canada as well, keeping in mind the number of people residing there who are actually wanting to watch IPL 2018. Both the application and the website is accessible from both in Canada and US.

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On the other hand, if you are living in USA or Canada and you want to watch the matches in Vivo IPL 2018 on the good old television, Willow TV is the address. You can catch up all the action in Vivo IPL 2018 on Willow TV if you are living in the US or Canada.